Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Drunkards of Catan

Settlers of Catan Drinking Game

I wanted a drinking game for Catan that was more than just "drink when you build a road!".
Something a little more involved and integrated while staying simple.  Too many things to remember bog down the drinking!

Created in image form for easy printing and sharing!


  • Build 1 Barrel of Alcohol with 1 Wheat & 1 Wood.
  • Use catan chits or coins to represent each barrel of alcohol.
  • Alcohol can be traded like any other resource.
  • Every 2 barrels of alcohol is 1 VP.


  • At any time, any player may spend an alcohol token (return the token to the bank and take a drink) to take a resource card from the bank.
  • At any time, players may gift barrels of alcohol to other players, giving them an alcohol token and forcing them to drink.


  • On a production roll showing doubles, all players have a festival and drink half of their alcohol.  All players return half (rounded up) of their alcohol tokens to the bank, taking a drink for each one returned.